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by Edgar Gierth

Problems with Exchange server 2016 Schema update when you use Exchange 2013 Edge servers

Sometimes, when you try to implement a schema update for a newer Exchange Server environment, the process will fail with the error "All Exchange 2013 servers in the organizaion must have Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 10 or later installed. The following servers don't meet this requirement: EdgeServer". This error occurs even if you have successfully updated your Exchange Edge servers.


Before a Schema update to Exchange Server 2016 will take place, the domain controllers will check in the Active Directory, which versions are used by Microsoft Exchange servers. Sometimes the domain controllers will get a wrong result for Exchange 2013 Edge servers with older version numbers, although these servers were patched correctly.

After you have updated your Exchange Edge 2013 servers, you will get the new Build number by running the PowerShell command "Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List Name, AdminDisplayVersion" on your Exchange 2013 Edge server:

Name:                               EdgeServer
AdminDisplayVersion:    Version 15.0 (Build 1130.7)

When you try to read out the version number of all Exchange 2013 servers on an Exchange 2013 Mailbox or CAS server, using the the PowerShell command "Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List Name, AdminDisplayVersion", you may will get this different result:

Name:                               MailboxServer
AdminDisplayVersion:    Version 15.0 (Build 1130.7)

Name:                               EdgeServer
AdminDisplayVersion:    Version 15.0 (Build 1104.5)


The reason is, that the EdgeSubscription.xml, which was generated and imported in former times, include the version of the Exchange Edge server of this past date in this xml file. This information about the Exchange Edge server version number will be replicated only once, because the communication between the Mailbox servers and the the Edge server is only a oneway replication.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<SerialNumber>Version 15.0 (Build 31104.5)</SerialNumber>

Also the version number on the Edge Server AD object is wrong if you will have a look on the server object with ADSIEDIT in the configuration container of the Active Directory.


The problem could be resolved by generating a new EdgeSubscription.xml file on the Exchange 2013 Edge server and by implementing it on the mailbox server. To see how to implement new Edge Subscription files read this great, external blog article:

Exchange 2013 - Configuring EdgeSubscription